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Framework is my next laptop

Framework is going to be my next laptop. I don't want to buy another laptop with Windows pre-installed. I don't use Windows. I don't see why I should have to pay for it.

bash or sh

I prefer sh over bash. I begin almost every script with the same four lines.

NeoVintageous 1.35.0

Introducing NeoVintageous 1.35.0! The highlight of this release is a brand new documentation website powered by the static site generator VitePress.

NeoVintageous 1.34.0

NeoVintageous 1.33.0

Vim - Add a file to the staging area

GitOpen - A Sublime Text plugin

git open - A shell script

NeoVintageous - Visual Bells

NeoVintageous - Jumping to Misspelled Words

Remapping CapsLock to Escape

NeoVintageous - Jumping to Diffs

NeoVintageous - Jumping to Conflicts

MonokaiFree - A Sublime Text color scheme

NeoVintageous - Jumping to Errors

NeoVintageous - Goto Symbol

NeoVintageous - Revert Hunk

Sesame - A Sublime Text plugin

NeoVintageous - Reveal in Side Bar

NeoVintageous - Edit neovintageousrc

NeoVintageous - Mapping Sublime Text commands

The NeoVintageous toggle sidebar

The NeoVintageous help pages

Running PHPUnit tests within Sublime Text

The Neovintageous vimrc file

Undoing diff hunks in NeoVintageous

NeoVintageous Ctrl keys

NeoVintageous key handler

NeoVintageous Super keys

NeoVintageous 1.26.0

NeoVintageous 1.25.0

PHP-CS-Fixer Pre-Commit Hook

NeoVintageous 1.23.0

The curious case of Vim search

NeoVintageous 1.22.0

NeoVintageous 1.19.0

NeoVintageous 1.18.0

NeoVintageous Plugins

NeoVintageous - Toggle Zoom

NeoVintageous 1.9.0

NeoVintageous 1.8.0

NeoVintageous 1.7.0

NeoVintageous 1.5.0

Git Interactive Patching

Renaming Git Submodules