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NeoVintageous - Goto Symbol

Blade Runner (1982)

You can go to any symbol in a project via Menu → Goto → Goto Symbol in Project, but why work so hard. Create a mapping:

noremap <D-i> :GotoSymbolInProject<CR>

Unlike many of my sublime vim mappings, here I use noremap instead of nnoremap. noremap applies to Normal, Visual, and Operator modes. nnoremap only applies to Normal mode. See :help map-commands.

You can go to any symbol in a current file via Menu → Goto → Goto Symbol:

noremap <D-I> :ShowOverlay overlay=goto text=@<CR>

For this mapping I use the uppercase <D-I> key. Keys are case-sensitive in Sublime Text i.e. using the shift key produces different key events.

Read NeoVintageous Super Keys for help on super key usage.