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NeoVintageous 1.29.0

NeoVintageous 1.29.0 has been released. The highlights are file type specific mappings, other minor enhancements, fixes, and performance improvements.

FileType mappings

File type specific mappings are now supported. This is not a standard Vim feature but is a much requested feature.

The following will only activate for *.go files:

nnoremap FileType go gd :LspSymbolDefinition<CR>

The file type is based on the file extension and not the syntax.

Multiple file types can be specified as a comma-delimited string:

nnoremap FileType html,js,go gd :LspSymbolDefinition<CR>

A future improvement may be to add a syntax argument that would bind to a specific syntax instead of file type.

Asynchronous file saving

Asynchronous file saving has been disabled by default. This was due to a regression. The boolean setting vintageous_save_async has been added if you wish to re-enable it.

Notable mentions

  • The commands C, D, and S are now countable.
  • The <k0> key is now aliased to 0.
  • The Abolish plugin crp PascalCase coercion is now aliased to crm.

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