NeoVintageous 1.22.0 has been released. The highlights are some minor enhancements and support for ST4.

‘scrolloff’ option

Sublime Text build 4075 a new setting scroll_context_lines allows setting a number of context lines to show when scrolling to reveal. This affects all selection changes, like selection dragging, page-up/page-do and moving the caret.

:set scrolloff=8

‘relativenumber’ option

Sublime Text build 4075 a new setting relative_line_numbers will draw each line number as the distance from the current line.

The new options 'relativenumber' 'rnu' 'norelativenumber' 'nornu' allow turning relative line numbers on and off.

:set relativenumber

Three Unimpaired commands have been added to enable, disable, and toggle relative numbers: [or, ]or, yor.

ST4 support

NeoVintageous now fully supports ST4 and is backwards compatible with ST3.

One change that might impact some users is that all NeoVintageous commands that started with an underscore have been prefixed with “nv_”. You won’t need to do anything unless you’ve made customisations that use these commands. The reason for this change is commands starting with an underscore are now ignored in ST4.

Here are some some examples of changed commands:

Old New
_enter_normal_mode nv_enter_normal_mode
_enter_insert_mode nv_enter_insert_mode
_nv_feed_key nv_feed_key
_vi_w nv_vi_w
_vi_w nv_vi_w

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