In Neovintageous the vimrc file is named “neovintageousrc”. This file contains contains initialisation commands and is loaded when Sublime Text starts.

You can edit the file using the Command Palette command: NeoVintageous: Open RC File and reload it using NeoVintageous: Reload RC File.


At the time of writing, all of the following options are supported:

autoindent, belloff, expandtabs, hlsearch, ignorecase, incsearch, list, magic, menu, minimap, modeline, modelines, number, relativenumber,, shell, sidebar, smartcase, spell, statusbar, tabstop, textwidth, winaltkeys, wrap, wrapscan

You can set options in your neovintageousrc file.

Here are two that I can’t live without:

set ignorecase
set smartcase

See :help '{option}' for help on individual options.

Key mapping

The following key mapping commands are supported:

  • :noremap {lhs} {rhs}
  • :nnoremap {lhs} {rhs}
  • :onoremap {lhs} {rhs}
  • :snoremap {lhs} {rhs}
  • :vnoremap {lhs} {rhs}

Nested and recursive mappings are not currently supported.

Key mapping examples

Map <C-l> to the ex command :nohlsearch:

noremap <C-l> :nohlsearch<CR>

Sublime Text commands are supported, Just mix-case the command.

Map <D-i> to the goto_symbol_in_project command:

noremap <D-i> :GotoSymbolInProject<CR>

You may need to enable super keys for <D-i> to work.

Key mapping command arguments

You can pass arguments to commands as space separated parameters in the format argument=value.

Map <C-f> to the show_overlay command:

nnoremap <C-f> :ShowOverlay overlay=goto text=@<CR>

Key mapping to shell commands

You can map to shell commands with the ex command !.

Map <leader>gs to git status:

nnoremap <leader>gs :!git status<CR>

To ignore output, use the :silent command:

Map <leader>ga to git add {current view file} and ignore any output:

nnoremap <leader>ga :silent !git add %<CR>

Leader key

The <leader> is supported. The default is \ but I prefer to use , instead:

let mapleader=,

Further reading

  • My neovintageousrc
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  • :help neovintageous
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  • :help nv-settings