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Undoing diff hunks in NeoVintageous

The ability to revert a diff hunk was added in Sublime Text 4. You can access it through the Command Palette and the Context Menu i.e. right mouse click.

Command Palette → History: Revert Hunk

Context Menu → Revert Diff Hunk

For quicker access, create a vim NeoVintageous mapping. I like to map it as <leader>hu. This is the same mapping used by the popular vim plugin vim-gitgutter.

Command Palette → NeoVintageous: Open RC File

nnoremap <leader>hu :RevertHunk<CR>

Command Palette → NeoVintageous: Reload RC File

Jumping to diffs

You can jump between diff hunks with ]c and [c. See jumping to diffs.

Support for jumping to diffs was added in Sublime build 3189. In previous versions you need GitGutter.

Further reading

  • :help neovintageous
  • :help [c
  • :help ]c