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NeoVintageous - Toggle Zoom

If you're like me, you probably open a lot of windows and things get messy, but sometimes you just want to focus on one window. This is where the Origami package can help.

Origami provides a commands to split, organize, and manage windows. One such command is Zoom/Unzoom Current Pane (Toggle Zoom).

I map it to <C-w>z i.e. CTRL-w followed by z, but you're obviously free to choose your own adventure.

nnoremap <C-w>z :ToggleZoomPane fraction=0.98<CR>

Alternatively, you can map to your leader key.


The "fraction" argument specifies how small the minimised panes should be, in this case 0.02. I like them as small as possible without disappearing. You will need to restart Sublime for the fraction amount take effect.

The <Leader> key

I like , as my mapleader, because I find it easy to press.

let mapleader=,

Suppose you want to map toggle zoom to <Leader>. i.e. your <Leader> key, in this case , (comma), followed by . (stop).

nnoremap <Leader>. :ToggleZoomPane fraction=0.98<CR>

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