If you’re anything like me, then you probably open a zillion windows in all kinds of layouts, all at the same time. But sometimes you just need to focus on one window to get in the zone.

This is where “origami” saves the day. An aptly named plugin that gives you a variety of commands to split, organise, and otherwise manage windows in sublime. One such command is toggle zoom.

I map it to <leader>. in NeoVintageous, but you’re obviously free to choose your own adventure.


I like , as my “mapleader”, because it’s just so easy to type. Mapping to <leader>. lets me toggle zoom very fast.

let mapleader=,
nnoremap <leader>. :ToggleZoomPane<CR>

You can use the “fraction” argument to specify how big or small the minimised panes should be, I like them as small as possible without disappearing. You will need to restart Sublime for the fraction amount take effect.

nnoremap <leader>. :ToggleZoomPane fraction=0.98<CR>

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