NeoVintageous 1.15.0 has just been released. The highlights for this release is ability to have insert mode by default, pasting and yanking enhancements, and some polish with new aliases.

Insert mode by default

Insert mode by default means that NeoVintageous will enter insert mode when opening or switching views or when the window receives focus and is not in visual mode. The reason for that last qualification is so that visual mode selections are retained when the window loses focus.

Menu > Preferences > Settings:

    "vintageous_default_mode": "insert"

Pasting enhancements

You can now put a count when pasting before the cursor:


Pasting before the cursor now also works in multiple cursor mode, as does yank!

New aliases

new alias key description
<C-h> h [count] characters to the left
<PageDown> <C-f> scroll window [count] pages Forwards (downwards)
<PageUp> <C-b> scroll window [count] pages Backwards (upwards)
<S-Tab> <C-p> in ex mode go to previous match (auto-complete)
<tab> <C-i> go to newer cursor position in jump list
g<down> gj display lines downward
g<up> gk display lines upward

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