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NeoVintageous 1.30.0

NeoVintageous 1.30.0 has been released. This is more of a polishing release than big feature release.

Highlights include improvements to the neovintageousrc file format, multiple cursors improvements, and session persistence improvements.

Vim neovintageousrc format improvements

The neovintageousrc file now allows leading white-space in ex commands.

" Yank and paste using system clipboard.
    noremap <leader>y "+y
    noremap <leader>Y "+Y
    noremap <leader>p "+p
    noremap <leader>P "+P

Vim unmap ex commands

The neovintageousrc now supports unmapping commands.

:unm[ap]  {lhs}
:nun[map] {lhs}
:vu[nmap] {lhs}
:sunm[ap] {lhs}
:ou[nmap] {lhs}

Vim xnoremap and xunmap ex commands

Some commands work both in Visual and Select mode, some in only one. Select mode in sublime neovintageous is the same mode used by multiple cursor mode.

The vnoremap commands maps both Visual mode and Select mode. The xnoremap command, on the other hand, only maps Visual mode.

:xn[oremap] {lhs} {rhs}
:xu[nmap]   {lhs}

Toggle highlight line improvements

The unimpaired plugin 'cursorline' toggle now toggles the gutter highlighting.


Session persistence improvements

The last search pattern is now persisted on restarts.

Multiple cursors improvements

Three new keys have been add n (next), q (skip), and Q (remove). These compliment the existing keys CTRL-n, CTRL-x, CTRL-p, or j, l, and k.