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NeoVintageous - Jumping to Diffs

Back to the Future Part II (1989)

NeoVintageous has two vim commands for jumping to diff hunks:

[cJump backward to the previous start of a change.
]cJump forwards to the next start of a change.

Both of those take a preceding count.

With a count, it means jump that many times: 3]c jump to the third change.

The 'wrapscan' option applies.

The 'wrapscan' option is enabled by default and means searches wrap around the end of the file.


'wrapscan' applies to search commands like:

?Reverse search.
*Search word under cursor.
#In reverse.
[sNext misspelled word.
]sPrevious misspelled word.

You can turn it off:

:set nowrapscan

You can turn it on:

:set wrapscan

Toggle it:

:set wrapscan!

And display the current value in the status bar:

:set wrapscan?