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NeoVintageous - Jumping to Conflicts ‚Äč

Quantum Leap (1989)

NeoVintageous has two vim commands for jumping to SCM conflicts. These are part of the Unimpaired plugin bundled with NeoVintageous:

[nJump backward to previous SCM conflict marker or diff/patch.
]nJump forward to next SCM conflict marker or diff/patch.

Both of those take a preceding count.

What are SCM conflict markers?

SCM conflict markers are those pesky sections that you have to resolve when you get a merge conflict:

Here are lines that are either unchanged from the common
ancestor, or cleanly resolved because only one side changed,
or cleanly resolved because both sides changed the same way.
<<<<<<< yours:sample.txt
Conflict resolution is hard;
let's go shopping.
Git makes conflict resolution easy.
>>>>>>> theirs:sample.txt
And here is another line that is cleanly resolved or unmodified

The area where a pair of conflicting changes happened is marked with markers <<<<<<<, =======, and >>>>>>>. The part before the ======= is typically your side, and the part afterwards is typically their side.

Have you ever had to go through a file resolving conflicts like this? I know you have. Now you can jump from one to the next.