NeoVintageous 1.23.0 has been released. The highlights are granular control of keys, ctrl keys are on by default, new split view and jump to definition command, and other minor enhancements.

CTRL keys on by default

To toggle control keys on and off use the Command Palette command:

NeoVintageous: Toggle CTRL keys

Or you can use the new granular control of keys feature, see below.

Granular control of keys

By default NeoVintageous handles all keys, but you can delegate the handling of most keys back to Sublime Text by specifying which keys should be ignored.

For example to use ctrl+f for find (native ST behaviour):

"vintageous_handle_keys": {
    "<C-f>": false

Keys can be delegated by mode e.g. i_<C-w>, v_<C-w>. The following will only delegate <C-w> back to ST from insert mode and visual mode:

"vintageous_handle_keys": {
    "i_<C-w>": false,
    "v_<C-w>": false

The valid mode prefixes are:

n_ - Normal
i_ - Insert
v_ - Visual
V_ - Visual line
b_ - Visual block
s_ - Select

No prefix implies all modes.

Any keybinding defined in Defaut.sublime-keymap that has a “nv_handle_key” context can be configured to delegate back to ST.

Sneak case-sensitivity

A new setting has been added for Sneak plugin to support control of case sensitivity.

    "vintageous_sneak_use_ic_scs": 0
Value Description
0 Always case-sensitive
1 Case sensitivity is determined by 'ignorecase' and 'smartcase'.

Read the curious case of Vim search which explains the 'ignorecase' and 'smartcase' options and how to use them.

Split view and jump to definition

The new command <C-w><C-]> splits a view and jumps to the definition under the cursor. This is a compliment to the existing ctrl-] jump to the definition command.

Delete all characters before cursor

The new command <C-u> (insert mode) deletes all entered characters before the cursor in the current line.

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